(Nursery, L.KG & U.K.G.)

Nanhi Duniya

The initial years of a child are fundamental in laying the strong foundation of education. In the pre-primary programme, the child is introduced to basic skills of learning through LEARN BY FUN method.
Colorfully designed classrooms with storytelling, comes, and exclusively designed toy library and music room form the venue to nurture the creative ability in children.
Our passionate and dedicated teachers use puppets, models, flash cards, songs and rhymes impart lessons in the pre-primary classes.

(Class I to V)

Primary Programme

In the primary program, the child becomes familiar with the school environment and is exposed to more formal ways of learning and testing.
A methodically designed comprehensive and continuous evaluation and assessment system are adopted by teachers to analyze individual student's comprehension skills, achievement, strengths, and weaknesses, Slow learners at the school are provided with additional care and individualized attention.
Our primary programme is innovative and experimental that ignites the child's curiosity. This process of learning includes discussion, problem-solving, role play, project work, and other interactive activities.

(Class VI to X)

Secondary Programme

Students of secondary level need to develop themselves as a proactive learner. They should know what is going on in the world. We care for that. We give special attention to them to become self learner, Science lab, models and other activity is used to learn them. We follow experiment-based teaching for them we provide personality development, career counseling, science trip, an etc program for their overall development. Our secondary level teaching based mainly on:

We instill in every child a habit of reading, experimenting, and zeal to learn constantly our computer and science labs and workshops provide a dynamic environment to quench of SVMian's curiosity