Sharda Vidya Mandir School

The world is changing at a very fast pace and Global opportunities are looking for well-trained & skilled individuals irrespective of their nationalities so it is our motive that our students should have resources, tools, environmental opportunities similar to what is available to their counterparts in the world. A cultured and polished diamond is valuable and superior to its raw stone not because it different at the source but it's because it has got the right "environment" and "opportunities" to be developed to its full potential, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE OFFER AT SHARDA VIDYA MANDIR. We provide the resources and infrastructure to develop and mature students to the peak of their capabilities.



• Develop committed students for individual social and National causes.
• Provide best & quality education at an affordable cost.
• To built the career of students for self-employment.
• Develop healthy & positive ways of living and care for the environment.
• Imbibement of principles such as empathy, dignity, and ethical values.


The 'real world is becoming highly competitive and action-oriented. It's looking for well developed, skilled & result oriented rather than those who have degrees just for the sake of it. It is our school's vision to educate each student to his/her maximum potential.

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